French Language

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LYON FRANCE2French is the official language of France   but it is spoken in many parts of the world including North and Equatorial Africa,  South  Vietnam,  parts of the Caribbean, Tahiti and New Caledonia. It  also the second  official language of Canada.

According to statistics it is the most useful business language to learn after English and Chinese.In Africa it is the most spoken language  as education, government and the internet all use French as the uniform means of communication. 

For most people the French language evokes images of romantic   Paris and the bridges over the Seine,  or small villages in the South of France steeped in the scent of lavender, the luminous paintings of the French Impressionists or memories of learning verb conjugations at school!!

The smell of freshly baked baguettes, the visual delight displayed in French patisseries and the flavour of a good French red add to the desire to be able to master this charming language.

French, together with Italian and Spanish, belongs to the Romance or Latin family of languages, so it is relatively easy to learn for speakers of English.

Traits common to these languages are that all nouns are either masculine or feminine,   adjectives are usually placed in front of   nouns and verbs are conjugated following regular patterns.

Learning a foreign language is a challenge but it also brings a high degree of satisfaction and a sense of achievement once you get over the initial hurdles.

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