Italian Language

Romance with Italian

Italian ClassesItalian is the formal language of Italy but it is also spoken in many countries – to wherever  Italians  have migrated. The Italian diaspora has spread the culture of Italy  all over the world. The white, red and green flag together with the gondolas of Venice, the Colosseum and the leaning tower of Pisa are now instantly recognisable symbols of Italy.  Italian cuisine is one of the  -   if not the most popular cuisines in the world. Even the Chinese and the Japanese have fallen in love with gelato and pasta!!! 

Italian fashion and style are world renowned – the runways of Milan dictate next season’s style. The fashion houses of Armani, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana grace the designer precint around  Via Montenapoleone.

Italian flair for design is seen in the sleek lines of the Ferrari and the Alfa Romeo and Italian opera -  Verdi, Puccini and many other greats,  is heard around the  opera theatres of the world – from the Metropolitan in New York  to the Sydney Opera house 

Living the dolce vita in a villa   in  the Tuscan hills  or Umbria surrounded by olive groves and vineyards is a dream shared by many of us.

From a language point of view, Italian is the easiest of the Romance Languages (languages derived from Latin spoken by the Ancient Romans)  to learn because it has consistency in its rules for pronunciation so it is very easy to read and pronounce Italian. You will also easily recognise  Italian words  as the English vocabulary  has a 75%   Latin  derivation.

Finally if you are going to travel to Italy, especially off the beaten track,  Italians generally  speak very little English so your effort to communicate in Italian will be very much appreciated!!

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