Spanish Language

A Passion for Spanish!!

Spanish is on   par with English the most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin. It has become the second language in the United States. It is spoken in all of the South American countries with the exception of Brazil where Portuguese is spoken  - and that is linguistically very close to Spanish. So if you learn Spanish you can communicate with half the world.

Castellano or Castilian Spanish is the official language of Spain. It was brought to the Americas by the Spanish conquistadores after the discovery of America by Cristobal Colon – we know him as 

Christopher Columbus!! We are eternally grateful to him as chocolate was the preferred drink of the Aztecs and made popular in Europe by the Spanish. 

Spanish is a world language and like English it has regional variations in accent and idiom, however, the written language is universal. The major difference between Castellano and South American Spanish is that in Spain c’ s and z’ s are pronounced with a lisp like  the English  “th”  but in Latin America they are pronounced as s’s!!

Spanish brings to mind the Flamenco of southern Spain, the dulcet tones of the classic guitar, the Moorish palace of the Alhambra in Granada and the tantalising flavours of paella.  The Spanish custom to go out for  tapas – delicious morsels of all types of Spanish delicacies such as marinated octopus, chorizo and jamon,  washed down with sangria,  has become popular evidenced by the opening of many tapas bars even here in Australia.

Like Italian it is quite easy to learn as it is also based on Latin. It has a wonderful sound and if you travel in Spanish speaking countries the effort you make to learn the language is very much appreciated and will make travelling more interesting as you can talk to the locals.

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